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OBJECTIVE was created with the objective of increasing transparency in the Spanish property market. Our aim is to provide transactional data which is as complete and as accurate as possible which meets the rigorous standards expected by international investors and valuation surveyors.



Our information is obtained from various sources since we aim to ensure the maximum possible coverage of the property market. in Spain We maintain regular contact with investment agents in both large international consultancy companies and small local brokers. We also source transactional information direct from CNMV filings (Spain's stock market regulator), property funds and other investors (buyers and sellers), press releases, national and local press reports, company reports, the internet and other sources available to us. We always attempt to verify all information from a minimum of two sources close to the transaction.
SEARCH AND FILTERING TOOLS contributes to transparency in the Spanish property market through researching, recording and making available information of real estate transactions over a long period of time. This information can be retrieved from our on-line database 24 hours per day via the powerful and easy to use search and filters provided by our MySQL database. Using’s search and filtering tools subscribers can easily:

   1. Search at street, district, town, city, autonomous region or country level
   2. Sort data by property type and subtype
   3. Search by date order or search for transactions between specific dates
   4. Search by buyer, seller and broker (buyer side, seller side or both)
   5. Locate all transactions on Google maps of any owner or broker
   6. View copies of press releases and additional published material
   7. View images and photographs of many of the properties included in the database


ACCURACY takes pride on obtaining the most accurate and complete information possible on each transaction recorded in its database.

We are aware of the importance of accurate up to date comparable information for valuation surveyors, agents, advisers, investors and mortgage lenders. We always attempt to provide the most accurate and up to date information possible.

For each transaction we attempt to provide all of the basic transaction details in an easy to read format. Furthermore, whenever possible, we also provide a copy of source information whenever available in the public domain. We do not, however, reveal private information sources unless consent has been specifically given to us:

    * .Links to online information about transactions whenever possible
    * .A pdf document of any article, press release or document that contains relevant transactional information
    * .Images and photographs of buildings and sites
    * .Google map reference showing the property location



Although transparency in the Spanish property market is still far from complete we make strenuous efforts to obtain as much information about each individual transaction as we possibly can. We are not happy to merely report the gross or net sale price. We focus particularly on transaction yields and the principle financial data whether this is the net initial yield, gross initial yield, equivalent yield or the equated yield (discount rate used in a discounted cash flow or the internal rate of return - IRR). Although a crude measure, we also report the Euro price per square metre since this is a common method of analysis and pricing in the Spanish commercial real estate investment and owner occupier transactional markets.

i-comparables attempts to accurately provide as much background information as possible on all of the transactions it records. We will let you know if a deal comprised a sale and leaseback, if a buyer had a special interest and which brokers acted for the parties. Whenever possible we define the area of the building and/or development site in square metres (m2). As a minimum we also attempt to obtain information about the distribution of the accommodation between ground level, the upper stories and basement level(s). We also include the number of parking spaces if relevant. Although not often available, whenever possible we include information about the passing rent, rent free periods, lease duration, break clauses and the other terms in order that users may undertake their own analysis of an investment transaction.

Since most real estate investment activity in Spain takes place in Madrid and Barcelona a large percentage of our data relates to the Madrid and Cataluña (Catalunya) autonomous regions of Spain. Despite this we also have a significant number of recorded transactions in most Spanish cities including Valencia, Seville, Zaragoza, Malaga, Bilbao, Murcia, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Palma de Mallorca, Alicante, Cordoba, Valladolid and many more cities, towns and villages.

We record information on all types of real estate transactions in the Spanish property market which include retail leisure centres, cinema complexes, retail shop units, entire office buildings and individual floors, industrial and logistics buildings (warehouses / sheds). We also cover hotels and apart-hotels, golf courses, residential investment buildings available for rent (flats and apartments), student residencies, residential care homes, hospitals and clinics.

Recently we have commenced to record transactional information on Spain’s increasingly important energy generation sector including wind farms (wind parks) and solar power plants using photovoltaic panels, although not yet for hydroelectric dams and fossil fuel plants which are rarely traded.



Although we carefully analyse all available information about a transaction before publishing it we often add to or amend the entry when and if new information becomes available. In this way our clients can be confident that they will always have access to the latest information available even on past transactions which were not fully transparent when they first became known.

All Spanish transactional data are entered into database by Stan Dickens, a UK trained Chartered Surveyor, who has considerable experience in undertaking RICS valuations at an international level (Europe, South America and Africa). Stan also has experience working for a pension fund and as an international investment agent working mostly in the UK and Spain. We therefore understand the need for reliable, accurate and complete information.



The information contained on is used by many types of client for a variety of purposes. Some of the principal uses are as a source of comparables for RICS Red Book Valuation Reports and Spanish Valuation Company Reports. The information is also used for analysis purposes by Investment Buyers and Sellers, Real Estate Investment Agents, Researchers and Corporate Advisers.

Clients of include a range of users:

    * Spanish and international investment funds
    * Property Companies
    * Family Office Investors
    * Agency and Consultancy Firms
    * Valuation Companies
    * Asset Management Companies
    * Quoted Sector Investment & Development Companies
    * Investment and Commercial Banks
    * Research and Forecasting firms
    * Real estate publications and newspapers


The website will be subject to constant revision and improvement. The latest development is the creation of a blog. Just click on the menu bar of